Grow Your Business Online

We are a retail innovation company that helps brands and retailers to go online seamlessly. We aim to help companies from providing various content creations to crafting tailored solutions, and to come up with platforms and technologies aligned towards the companies objectives.

What We Do

Think of us as your own retail technology and innovation hub. We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your problems going online. Here are some of the stuff we do.

End-to-end e-commerce enabler. We help brands & companies to sell online, effortlessly.

Provide our own line of retail technologies for customer to deploy & digitise their business operations.

Connecting your platform to external systems, eliminating redundancies and increasing efficiencies.

Speeding up development process, as well as providing tailor-made solutions.

What We Do

Other than services, we have our own suite of retail technologies and products to help you digitise better. From consignment systems to synchronising your inventories, we have all the relevant equipments. Else, we can always craft tailored solutions just for you.



RadiCON is our very own consignment system. We help you to digitalise your consignment operations, so you can focus on selling more.



RadiOPS is our operation and fulfillment system. From picking your customer orders, to transfer them to your drivers and different stations, & keep track.


Smart Shopper

Helping more than 500,000 Malaysians to save money since 2013 by planning groceries shopping smarter.

Over 2 Million
Products Sold With Us

Over 2 million products sold with us since 2019 with our wonderful partners and clients such as SunshineOnline, Mamee, Anakku, Fidelio, A.S.A.P, ServayOnline and etc.